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Me as a toddler

Me as a child - some would say I haven't changed

An aerial view of Bangor

Quite a good view of upper Bangor

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2 Photos of Milly the Mini


About Me

Well as you can guess from the title this page has a brief bit about me and my life so far, you can click on any of the pictures for a bigger version or have a look at the bottom of the page for some relevant links.

So lets start at the beginning, I was born in Kidderminster, in 1975. I think Space Oddity by David Bowie was number 1 in the charts at the time so not a bad thing to come into the world to. I started school aged 4 and the first day was a bit traumatic, it is known in the family as "the Wendy house incident" I shall say no more than that. Not long after that my sister (Hannah) was born and the world became a much more different place.

Time moved on and in 1987 we moved from Kidderminster to a small village called Tregynon just outside Newtown in Mid Wales. I started a new school  in Llanfair Caereinion where I stayed until I was 18, made some good friends who I still talk to and drink with in the case of Dave (click here for Dave's Website) Well 1994 came and I left with enough  A-Level points to go and  spend 4 years at  the University of Wales Bangor in North Wales. For my sins I decided to do a degree in Electronic Engineering (stop yawning) and ended up standing outside that big 1960's looking department on my first day  in October 1994 wondering what lay ahead for me.

University was what I think most people find university to be (mum and dad stop reading now) which is a lot of beer drinking, followed by periods of intense work with no beer drinking and then more beer drinking to celebrate passing exams. Anyway I managed to get a degree in Engineering and had a really excellent time part of which was meeting my girlfriend Julie at the end of my first year who I am still with today and making loads of friends who I still keep in touch with (although not very well sometimes). See the Ultimate guide which includes all the pubs in Bangor by clicking on the image opposite.

While I was working/drinking hard in my final year Julie was at home in Jersey working  so this provided an opportunity for a bit of a holiday every now and then and I came to really like the place but still get lost even after spending full summers there ! When I graduated from university in 1998 I went to work in Basildon, Essex and Julie went to Aberdeen to do her MSc (mmm....maybe she is trying to tell me something). So I spent most of my time traveling backwards and forwards between Basildon and Aberdeen. So many a happy winter weekend was spent freezing in Aberdeen. Julie then managed to get her MSc project in the Maldives (mmm.....further away again). I went out there to meet up with her when she had finished her 3 months and we had a bit of a holiday for a couple of weeks and I did my PADI Open Water Scuba qualification (see holiday photos section). 

Oh I almost forgot about football.....I'm a devoted West Bromwich Albion fan, COME ON YOU BAGGIES!!

Well at the moment I am still working in Basildon and Julie has just come back from a  4 month expedition to the Philippines as a Science Officer for Coral Cay Conservation (mmm.....still not getting the message am I). 

That's about it for now, there really is far too much stuff to mention here but I'll add any more highlights as they come up. Oh one last thing, a couple of pics of my first car (F450 UHP).......which was without doubt my favourite car before I bought the new one, again click on the images for a bigger picture.





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