Caterham Festival 2002
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Caterham Peeking !

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Ominous Clouds

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Lined Up Sevens

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Kate on the p*ss

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Rachel Green's Grads Car

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And again !

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And more !






Caterham Festival 2002

Well here are some photos from the Sunday of the 2002 Caterham Festival at Brands Hatch. We would have had some photos from the Saturday but between the 2 of us we managed to forget the Compact Flash Cards for the camera, highlight of the Saturday was definitely being able to drive 3 laps of the Indy circuit... managed to do all the corners at speed and it gave me a stronger desire to do a proper trackday, I'll have to put a FIA rollbar on my Christmas list !

Car Park Pics

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Racing Pics

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Alll I can say is roll on 2003 !!


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