Caterham Beaulieu Pics
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At Caterham

Roof off for some sunbathing


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General Caterham Stuff

Well after a trip to Caterham on Saturday and my first test drive in a Caterham I decided to swap the mini for a new toy....a Beaulieu limited edition Caterham.

Buying Caterhams !

Kate from the side   Kate from the other side

The plan is to use it as often as possible and do some track days occasionally..

The engine again   Me with a BIG cheesy grin

And for the sadder people (me included) there is an engine photo....Thanks goes to Neil for most of the above photos and for not talking me out of it ! Oh yeah and I've named her Kate....

12th September 2002 - At last the weather has got better !! Kate has had her first service and I've had the roof off loads...also had to buy a Ford Focus (for Julie really) as Kate is a bit impractical for 2 people...Been out and about tonight so I thought some more photos were needed.

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These are taken on the back roads to Great Baddow....always good for a blast to relieve the stress!!

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Again the above photos were taken at the same time but by Hannigfield this space for more.....



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