Caterham Supersport R Pics
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Photos - Click for a bigger Image

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The car at home after it's first 500 miles

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Into the cockpit !

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A titanium exhaust

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From spare wheel on this one !

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Familiar face

I think it looks good !

One to make the page even !


New Car Photos

It started off when the old Caterham went in for a suspension upgrade. I found out that the aftersales ex-courtesy car was now available for sale.........following some pondering and a test drive (again) I decided that it was time for an upgrade to a Caterham Supersport-R.

From talking to Caterham I know the following. The car started life as an R300 chassis with no engine so had the following 

img_0206.jpg (99510 bytes)   img_0207.jpg (85102 bytes)

Momo Q/R wheel, Black Pack, Carbon fibre dash, Carbon fibre cycle wings, 6 speed gearbox, Widetrack front suspension, Uprated front brakes, 4 point harness, Composite race seats.

The following options were then ticked 

Ferrari Titanium Silver paint, Weather Gear, Heater, LSD, Painted FIA bar, Battery cut-off switch, CR500 tyres (6"fronts and 7" rears), Carbon fibre nosecone, starter button, fire extinguisher, Apollo tank and wait for it........a map pocket !!

img_0208.jpg (76584 bytes)   img_0209.jpg (82971 bytes)

Engine wise the car started with a 1.6K series that has had the Caterham Supersport-R engine upgrade. So now has 160 bhp and consists of the following (robbed from Caterhams website) - 

Supersport-R (1.6 & 1.8 std EU2 & EU3 only)

"The Caterham R300 engine uses the roller-barrel induction system of the R500 engine to produce 160bhp. Work on the R300 engine has enabled us to carry this back to the standard 1.6 and 1.8 engines. 1.6 capacity units first have to be converted to 1.8, by entirely stripping the engine, replacing the crankshaft complete with bearings, cylinder liners, pistons and con-rods. For all conversions, the head is removed and modified with the compression ratio raised and the inlet ports matched to the roller barrels. The Supersport profile camshafts are used, if not already fitted. Outside the engine, the obvious difference is the roller-barrel induction system. On the standard engine, a single throttle body controls the flow of air into a common plenum chamber from where it is drawn into the engine. The roller-barrels have individual throttles for each combustion chamber, drawing air through inlet ducts designed for maximum performance. The roller-barrel design allows for a completely smooth, uninterrupted airflow into the combustion chamber on wide-open throttle. This system is controlled with a special engine management system (ECU)."

And looks something like this 

  IMG_0196.JPG (92717 bytes)   IMG_0222.JPG (86787 bytes)   IMG_0223.JPG (92069 bytes)

So in short I have an R300 chassis which didn't start life with an R300 engine but before it did any miles had one retrofitted ! So an R300 in all but name.  I'll post more when I've done some more miles (600 at the moment and counting).

UPDATE - 14/7/04 - now done 4200 miles and things are coming along nicely. Have had a few mechanical dramas but nothing that a few trips to Caterham and Halfords couldn't fix. Have also had to improve my mechanics skills as this car seems to need a bit more attention than the last one ! Haven't really made any upgrades other than a new set of alloy wheels and painting the front grill but I have managed to go through a set of new rears and half worn are a few more pics.


UPDATE - 1/11/04 - now done ~ 10,000 miles and other than regular maintenance and general upkeep the car has been behaving well. Another trackday has been and gone. As much as I have been enjoying the car and as much as it makes me smile every time I get in could be time for a this space.



This page was last updated on 25 April 2005