Racing Photos
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Rachels car

Rachel Green's Race Car

Rachels car

Rachel's car again

Simon Lambert in qualifying

Simon Lambert in qualifying

Steve sets pole in qualifying

Steve sets the pole time at Cadwell

The secret ingredient....fizzy drinks !

The secret ingredient....fizzy drinks !


Caterham Racing Photos

The company that Dave works for (Gama Aviation) has been sponsoring Caterham racing for a couple of seasons and this year is sponsoring Rachel Green and Steve Knox in the Caterham Super Graduate series. The racing is always good to watch so I've included a couple of photos here. The official Gama racing website can be found here at Gama Aviation Racing. If you are interested in knowing more about  the Caterham Graduates race series then their website can be found here.

Silverstone 2003

A sunny day at Silverstone saw Rachel take her first win of the season and Steve finish 4th.

     Steve making final checks     More checking !     Lining up on the grid     

  Rachel moves ahead   Steve nudges ahead of Rachel     Steve hot on the heels of Siomon Lambert

     The winner !     Dave with Rachel

Cadwell Park 2003

Another sunny day ! Steve  finishing 3rd and Rachel 5th. The championship remains close. Rachel is in 6th and Steve 7th. Apologies but these photos aren't the best !

Setting the pace in qualifying     Steve loses a front cycle wing !     Rachel in qualifying

Rachel in qualifying     Steve at Cadwell     Rachel at Cadwell

Dave gives technical advice....mmmm      In the paddock Pre-Race    Steve in 2nd place on the 1st Lap


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