Caterham Trackday Photos
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Julie waiting to go out at Silverstone

Julie waiting to go out at Silverstone

Julie exiting Luffield

Julie exiting Luffield

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Julie Returning

Mr Cole and his catalogue pose !

Mr Cole and his catalogue pose !

Me exiting the pits

Me exiting the pits

Flat out at Donnington

Flat out at Donnington '03

Julie and me

Julie and me

out of thr final chicaine

Out of the final chicane 

Entry onto the GP circuit

Entry onto the GP circuit

Stuck behind a TVR

Stuck behind a TVR at Druids

At Brands in Jan 2004

In the Paddock

On the way home....

Driving round Druids

Coppice Corner at Cadwell Park

On the mountain


Trackday Photos

So far I have only done 3  trackdays, the L7OC Virgins day at Silverstone,  the Graduates racing club day at Donnington Park and an OnTrack event on the Brands Hatch Indy Circuit. I have also done a performance handling day at Upper Heyford Airfield organised by Motorsport Events. Here are some of the photos.

L7OC Silverstone "Virgins" Day - Mar '03

Both Julie and myself took part, Julie in the morning and me in the afternoon. It was an excellent beginners day and the only people participating were Caterham owners who had never been on track before. The weather was a bit grim (hence the state of the car in the Donnington photos) but it was an excellent day and a good preparation for what was to come.

Julies session (morning)

Julie at Silverstone     Julie at Silverstone     Julie at Silverstone

My session (afternoon)

Me at Silverstone     Me at Silverstone     Me leaving the pits

On the start finish straight     Off to Copse in the wet     Hometime

Donnington Park - Bookatrack - Mar '03

We did this day on the day after the "virgins" day at Silverstone. It was a bit of a case of in at the deep end as the day was being used by the Caterham Graduates Racing Club as their pre season trackday. I gradually got quicker throughout the day and the day was fun and well run. The photos below are a mix of ours and a professional that was there on the day. A big thank you to Peter and Lynda who we shared a garage with and who showed us the ropes.

    over the start line     On the home straight     Over the finish line

    Linda in their Caterham     Over the start line     Linda who we shared a garage with

    About to get lapped !     Out on my own     In convoy

    Keeping off the grass     Out of the last chicaine     Out of the last chicaine

Brands Hatch Indy - OnTrack - Apr '03

These photos were taken by a professional photographer that was there on the day, the first is on the entry to Druids and the second on the exit. It is a fantastic circuit for Caterhams and they day was not only well run but we met another of other Caterham owners aswell !

Entry to Druids     Exit of Druids

Upper Heyford Handling Day - Motorsport Events - May '03

This was a day where the intention was to practice some of the more interesting aspects of handling in a safe environment away from other motorist and pedestrians etc ! The day included slaloms, cornering, power slides, braking and a track session at the end. Dave came along as a passenger and apart from the power slides stayed in for most of the day, I think we both enjoyed the twisty low speed handling course the most as apparently you could hear us laughing from 200m away. Came away from the track session with massive grins and smoking brakes....excellent ! This was probably the best 99 I ever spent, thoroughly recommended. Also more photos can be found here and here.

CRW_7729.JPG (49426 bytes)     CRW_7733.JPG (51735 bytes)     When things go wrong !

Brands Hatch GP - Heritage Trackdays - Aug '03

Definitely the best day so far, not crowded and lap after lap of clear track with some occasional overtaking. Again there was a photographer there on the day and some of the photos are below.

Down the straight   Paddock hill bend   Druids

Out in the woods   Onto the straight   Onto the GP Circuit

Brands Hatch Indy - SELOC - Jan'04

A bit apprehensive about booking this one as January is never the best for weather but someone liked us and we had a great day with no clouds, however it was bloody cold. It was my first day in the new car and my first time on a  SELOC organised day. A well run day with sessions in the morning and open pit lane in the afternoon, it was a good chance to try out the extra power and grip that the new car is in another league compared with the old car, far more straight line speed and through the bends the car is so much quicker, smoother and less understeerey. Made me realise why I bought it....highlights of the day were overtaking a new Ferrari 360 and showing it a clean pair of heels, lapping another R300 and enjoying similar performance to an R400 on slicks (albeit with a passenger).



The problem with all these trackdays is that they are making me want to race but for now I'll keep on going and learning more and having fun. If the weather is good then I'll do the SELOC day in February at Brands. Maybe see you there !

Brands Hatch Indy (Again !!) - Heritage Trackdays - Jul '04

A last minute decision and a good one, a quiet day at Brands with a mix of a dry and wet track (but mostly dry). Tried out some different lines and had a fiddle with tyre pressures to try and see how it affected the handling. Now thinking about changing the front ARB to see if it improves the turn in as in some parts I was getting a lot of understeer and finding it slower to turn in than I would like. But a good day and as usual courteous drivers. Cadwell Park booked for next month so keep an eye out for some new pictures afterwards.


Cadwell Park - 19th August 2004

What a track ! That's about all I can say, the mountain section is great fun and the speed you can carry through the 1st corner is awesome. The car handled well, I had a play with the front tyre pressures and that seemed to get rid of some of the understeer that I had at Brands. Open pit lane in the afternoon and the car was good through 30 min sessions if a bit thirsty (4 trips out in all !). As above good courteous drivers and a well run day by Bookatrack. Also thanks to the guy who let me drive his S1 Exige !





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