Belgian GP 2002
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Julia playing hide and seek on the coach...

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Motley crue minus Julie the photographer...

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Darren looking strangely at home..

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The view from the top of the circuit.

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Pedro de la Rosa 

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Darren eating snails...

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Me with sunburn eating snails..

Day 1 - Leave London + F1 Practice 

Well we left London on Thursday evening and made our way via Dover and Calais to Spa.

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First things first we go round the stands and the stalls, Chris buys a flag, and I buy the worlds loudest airhorn. 

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Then its off through the forest to find a spot to watch the morning practice session.

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Nice and foggy to start with, practice was delayed so we settled in and waited for the Germans to arrive....

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1st Practice over we decided to move further round the circuit to try and get closer to the action. 

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The view at the top was excellent, you could see al the way down to the Bus Stop chicane and you could get much closer to the cars. 

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We even saw Takuma Sato's Jordan catch fire after an engine failure.

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