Silverstone BGP 2006
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The best way to start the day !


LEFT !!!!!!!

A Porsche driver ponders

The Start/Finish straight from the air.

The crowd

Michael Schumacher arrives

Rubens Barichello arrives

Jaques Villeneuve signs autographs

Murray Walker poses !


Here are some of the best photos from all 3 days at Silverstone. All photos are copyright Julie Slater and Dave Edwards and shall not be published elsewhere without written permission.


These photos are taken at various places in the section between Stowe and Club.





These photos are taken at various places in the section between Stowe and Club.





Helicopter Trip

On the Saturday we ended up with a flight around the circuit at the end of qualifying. An excellent thing to do which gave a completely different perspective of the circuit. Oh and look at all the people watching the first England match in the world cup !





These are taken just outside the paddock as everyone arrives.




The podium for the GP2 race on the Sunday morning, the race was won by Lewis Hamilton. It was great to see him win as we've seen him rise through the different levels of UK motorsport, let hope he make it into F1 soon.


Back to the F1, I don't know why but we haven't got many photos from this years race. Hopefully with what we have planned for next year we'll get some better ones >:-)


The race was won by Fernando Alonso from Michael Schumacher and finishing 3rd was Kimi Raikonnen


More photos next year !



This page was last updated on the 14 August, 2006