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Silverstone BGP 2006

Silverstone Testing 2006

Monaco 2005

Silverstone BGP 2005

Silverstone BGP 2001 Race

Silverstone BGP 2001 Practice 

Silverstone BGP 2000 Practice 

Silverstone Testing 2000

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2006 - June  - Silverstone - The best of the photos from all 3 days can be seen by clicking the picture on the right. A nice relaxed year as we stayed at Hannah and Ryans (thanks guys). An extra special Saturday this year with a ride in a helicopter just after qualifying (thanks Dave). We were in the same place for the race as last year in Pit Straight A but it's time for a change for next year - watch this space !

2006 - April - Silverstone F1 testing - The best of the photos from an excellent day out can be seen by clicking on the picture of the left.

2005 - June - Silverstone - The best of the photos from all 3 days can be seen by clicking the picture on the left, Driving up from Essex every day again. For the race we were sat in Pit Straight A but the majority of the photos are taken on the infield.

2005 - May - Monaco - We spent 3 days in Monaco and managed to sit in 3 different places ! It was an excellent holiday and I'd thoroughly recommend it to any motorsport fan. It was one of the loudest places I have ever been !! Click on the photo on the left for the full set of photos.

2004 - Silverstone - Photos to Follow soon

2003 - Silverstone - Photos to Follow soon

2002 - 3 days this time, Spa Francochamps was the venue and this time there were 7 people. Dave, Darren, Chris, Neil, Julia, Julie and myself. We walked the whole circuit over the time we were there, got some amazing views, ate some amazing waffles and drank some amazing beer....and saw some racing (not that amazing unfortunately), we even managed to get onto the track after the race but chickened out of walking up Eau Rouge. Spa is an excellent circuit it's just a shame that the championship had been decided on the picture below for the photos.

101-0104_IMG.JPG (583046 bytes)

Spa 2002

2001 - Bit of a mad one this year, drove from Essex to Shropshire ater work on Thursday night, it took about 5 hours, got up at 4.30am after 4.5 hours sleep to get to Silverstone nice and early for the Friday Practice, it was superb apart from the horrendous downpour in the middle of the afternoon, we hid in the Grandstands while Julie went to see Ralf Schumacher ! She managed to get a signed photo though....

Then it was back to Shropshire that night, watched the qualifying on TV on the Saturday and then drove to Surrey.....Up at 4.40am the next morning to get to Silverstone nice and early again (starting to be a bit of a theme now) ready for the race. We had better seats than last year but still at Abbey as we liked it there. All the travelling was worth it as the race was superb and the weather better than last year, car parking was still a fiasco though...

Most of the photos from this year are Friday photos but there are a few support race and drivers parade photos from the Sunday aswell.

2000 - I managed to attend a few F1 events in 2000, the first being an F1 testing day a Silverstone about 2 weeks before the British Grand Prix. I went as a guest of Bridgestone (through a friends brothers friend - thanks Simon) and also as a paying member of the public to the Practice and the Race for the British GP. I have put a few of the 100's of photos on this site so have a look around by following the links below or click on any of the images on the left.

We also went to the practice day for the British Grand Prix and then the race on Sunday (very wet car parks), I've put up the photos from the Friday but since I had so many photos I decided to watch the race on the Sunday !!



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