France 2004
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The Triclore

Cap d'Arme Lighthouse

The old town of Grimaud

A boat race in the harbour at St Tropez

Yachts !

The Van Gogh museum in Antibes

The oceanographic institute in Monaco

Arrghhh a whale !

In Juan Manuel Fangios Mercedes

The famous harbour

Only the best in the motor museum.


South of France 2004 Part 2


We left Arles mid morning and headed back towards the coast through Aix en Provence where we stopped for lunch, there wasn't that much to see in Aix but it was really noticeable that there was a large university there as it was much busier than the places we had been to previously. From Aix we drove along the coast to Ste Anne d'Evenos and stayed here. Went up to Ste-Anne-du-Castellet for dinner but unfortunately didn't get time to go and thrash the hire car round the Paul Ricard circuit !



Still heading back east we went to Sanary Sur Mer which is where Jaques Cousteau and friend pioneered diving and the use of the aqualung. We went to the diving museum before driving like mad and running through la tour fondue to catch the last  ferry before lunch to the Ile des Porquerolles.



We caught the ferry and decided to walk to the lighthouse on the far side of the island. After that it was the ferry back and then we drove up to Grimaud where we were staying that night (more importantly also where we going to watch England v France in Euro 2004).....


Had a fantastic dinner in Grimaud but unfortunately we lost the football 2-1....


Up early in the morning and unfortunately it was raining, off to St Tropez for breakfast and a bit of shopping, from there up the coast to Cannes (which was crap) and then onto Antibes where we were staying that night (here). It was about now that we started noticing that the yachts were getting bigger !





Had another look around Antibes in the morning as the weather was a lot better and the drove to Monaco to go to the Oceanographic museum. Did a couple of laps of the GP circuit and then off to Roquebrune where we were staying here.




A bit of a surprise this one, Julie had booked us into the Hotel de Paris (here) for the night, so we had to come up with an elaborate plan to avoid turning up in a by now very dirty hire car, ended up leaving it in the station car park  and getting a taxi to the hotel ! Had a good explore round Monaco including the palace, the motor museum, gawped at the enormous yachts  and even won 100 euros in the casino ! Excellent place and could see myself living there !


I was surprised at how much of the GP circuit you can drive, there are a couple of no entries and a few more bollards and less armco but you can get to most of it. was also surprised to how small the circuit is both in length and width !




So after all that it was time to come home, a bit of a manic holiday but we saw loads, ate loads, drank loads of good wine and had a cracking about going back for the GP........



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