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Photos - Click for a bigger Image 

A beautiful Februarys day in Basildon

The car outside the flat

Bathed in Sunshine

 The car still outside the flat again 

A year later in worse weather but at least the car is clean !

One year on, worse weather 

From the front

From the front and looking meaty!

Mini Stuff

Well I finally ditched the Fiesta and have bought a new car....

As you can see I'm trying to recapture my youth with another mini. She is a Mini Cooper Sport, not one of the last 500 unfortunately but can't be far off !!  It is really good and I'd forgotten how much fun they can be !!! It's been quite a while since my last mini, there are pictures of her on the about me page. This one is a bit faster and certainly a bit nicer inside with leather seats and an alloy dash.

I have also joined the National Mini Owners Club in the UK so have a look at 

National Mini Owners Club

bonnet badge   side on   nice alloys !! Gear knob   The famous stripes   The Gear knob again (yes I know its sad)along the side   all the front   all the lights

Update 3/5/2001 - Have had a bit of grief with her so far, there have been problems with the clutch and the alternator (both manufacturing faults) and a new headlight and windscreen from stones from a lorry going past (aarrrggghh).........have fitted some cooper mats and some sill guards to stop them getting scuffed, done 3000 miles now and still love her (now named Mary) to bits. The plan at the moment is to keep her as standard until the warranty runs out and then maybe, well we'll have to wait and see. The stuff I have bought so far I got from the people below. They were both really helpful and I had no problems with them.

Update 5/1/2002 - Well I've had the car for nearly a year now and it still makes me smile every time I drive it so I took some more photos this morning (after a wash). I've put the boring ones on the left and the more interesting ones at the bottom. Nomore problems apart from a fly trapped in my oil gauge on the dash!  She's due a 12month/12000 mile service so I'll put another update on after that..

Update 2/2/2002 - Now up to 13800 miles and all is going well. 1st service was OK.. Took the car home this weekend and parked it next to Dad's new BMW mn, had a bit of a drive of it and they are good, not real minis but they are good. 

For some photos of the two minis together click here.....more soon

In the meantime have a look at the links below....

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