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Outside the flat

Same again


From the back

189bhp Toyota Engine

Sparse but still better than the Caterham !

Arty shot 1

Arty Shot 2

In the Welsh Mountains

Hard at work

1 Clean car

New Car Photos

It started off when I drove a S1 Exige followed by an S2 Elise.....I decided that I wanted something as fun as the Caterham but with a bit more practicality so we could get rid of the Focus aswell. We hunted around for a bit  and planned a few test drives and decided that the best compromise between practicality/performance/price/heritage was a Lotus Elise 111R. We've had it since November 2004 and I plan to do something similar in terms of describing ownership.

Lotus Elise 111R

A couple of reviews can be found here, here and here. I guess it could be compared to the Caterham SV in that it is an Elise aimed at a wider market, it is heavier than the standard Elise and has a few more creature comforts inside but I don't think that it dilutes the characer of the Elise too much.

The Lotus UK press release reads

The Lotus Elise 111R is the latest addition to the Lotus stable and introduces to the market the most powerful and highest performing production Elise.

"With a VVTL-i engine (Variable Valve Timing and Lift-Intelligent) producing a maximum power output of 192 PS (189hp, 141kW) and 181Nm (133.5 lbs.ft) of torque, the Elise 111R sprints to 100km/h in 5.2 seconds (0-60mph in 4.9 seconds) and 160km/h (100mph) in 13.0 seconds before reaching a certified top speed of 241km/h (150mph).

This performance is achieved through a balance of environmental considerations with the fully Euro IV Emissions Compliant engine helping the Elise to return 8.8 litres/100km (32.1mpg) on the combined cycle, as well as the very low figure of 208g/km of CO2 emissions.

For the first time, track tuned, high specification ABS with servo assisted brakes is offered as standard on the Elise 111R.

Through careful management of weight and clever design the Elise 111R weighs in at 860kg (1892lbs) - unladen with no options - giving a power to weight ratio of 223PS/tonne (220hp/tonne, 164kW/tonne). "

Day 1 - Nov 2004

Picked the car up from Wilsons Lotus in Romford, excellent service and the car looks fantastic. Just a matter of piling on the 1000 running in miles before the 1st service. The running in procedure is quite strict with 4,500 rpm being all we are allowed for the first 600 miles and after that only occasional use of the second cam range.


It feels like it will be quite quick when the running in is over and it also feels really tight at the moment. I guess time will tell. The pictures aren't that good but were the best we could do in a short space of time ! Plenty more to follow I'm sure.

1000 mile Service - Dec 2004

Glad to get this out of the way so I can start enjoying the car......it has been good so far apart from the wiper being rubbish and one of the front speakers being rattly and broken. Mechanically the car is excellent and the roof is just a bit easier than the Caterham. It hasn't made me smile as much yet in terms of performance but the engine is still very tight. However you can get loads of stuff in it and it is by no means sluggish !

3500 miles - Feb 2005

Well the dealer has finally got the new speaker in stock, to be fair they have been quite apologetic about it. The wiper and wiper arm has also been changed as it wasn't making full contact with the windscreen. The car is loosening up and performing well and I am getting the chance to try the performance out. Past 60mph it would leave my Caterham for dead but it is geared soooooooo long that getting into the 2nd cam zone  post 6200 rpm can take a while and requires lots of gearchanging to keep it on cam, It is much better suited to 40-90 mph speeds in terms of  getting the best out of the but so far my only design related gripe is the gearing for low speed corners.  It is also less able in the wet than the 7 where it is prone to understeer........I must have a play with the tyre pressures.

5000 miles - April 2005

Well I've had my first bout of upgraditus and the car now has a stage 1 sports exhaust. It gets rid of the tinny standard exhaust sound and although it is most likely in my head the car seems to pick up better from 60 mph upwards. It sounds a lot better anyway. The car has loosened up a lot (still NO oil consumption) and is starting to make me smile a lot more.

Thought a good alternative to pics was a video so there is one of the new zorst (Thanks Dave for the video).

Stationary with the new exhaust note here (3Mb)

20000 miles - August 2006

It's been a while since an update but the car is going well, no issues as yet (touch wood) and the only other upgrade so far has been Pagid RS-42s which have made a massive difference to the pedal feel (much harder) which is the one thing I have always struggled with on this car, even the initial bite even from cold is excellent. Here are some more pics aswell, parked up on a grey day at Brands Hatch and up in the Welsh mountains on an even greyer day and with a grubby car !



and just to show it's not all fun


More Updates Soon !!



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